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Info For Members

Rehearsal Schedule

Ravel, Mother Goose Suite                            2222 2000 T+3 Hp cel str           16’

Strauss, Duet-Concertino                               0000 0000 Hp str                        18’

Schumann, Symphony no.2 in C                   2222 2230 T str                           38’

Sunday 11th September

7:00        Schumann

8:20        Break

8:30        Ravel

9:30        End

Thursday 15th September

7:00-9:30     Strings, focusing on Strauss and Schumann II

Sunday 18th September

7:00        Schumann

8:20        Break

8:30        Ravel

9:20        Strauss

10:00     End

Thursday 22nd September

7:00        Strauss with soloists

8:00        Ravel

8:30        Break

8:45        Schumann

10:00     End

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Adele SMithPosted on8:34 pm - Jul 14, 2017


I am just wondering if you are looking for a Flautist to join the Chamber Orchestra? I am around grade 7-8 standard. If you are interested please contact me.

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards

Adele Smith

    Leamington Chamber OrchestraPosted on9:13 am - Aug 22, 2017

    Hi Adele,

    Thank you for getting in touch about your interest in joining the orchestra. If you could email the orchestra at, including your playing standard and a contact telephone number, we will make sure this information reaches the woodwind fixer.

    Many thanks,

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