Drawings – can you help?

The orchestra has recently been given a set of pen-and-ink drawings that were done in April 1990. They are labelled “St Nicholas Church, Warwick”, and the orchestra was playing “Mahasamana” by John Mayer (an LCO commission), Mozart’s third violin concerto and Beethoven’s fifth symphony.

If you were a player or audience member at the time, and you know or suspect who might be in the drawings (we have some ideas), please do contact us at (email) leamingtonco@gmail.com. And if you would like to give one or more of the drawings a home, make us an offer!

Drawing 1 – horn
Pen and ink drawing of a trombone player and violin or viola player Drawing 2 – trombone and violin(?) – GONE!
Drawing 3 – flutes
Drawing 4 – horns
Drawing 5 – strings
Drawing 6 – wind
Drawing 7 – strings
Drawing 8 – flutes/various – GONE!
Drawing 9 – horns